Alison Johnson Memoir - "The Eleventh Hour Can’t Last Forever"

Photos from “The Eleventh Hour Can’t Last Forever”

Author's pioneer grandfather, F.C. (Fred) Krotter, who established a small chain of lumberyards, grain elevators, and ranches in southwest Nebraska.
F.C. and Nellie Krotter with their sons Dean and Chauncey.
Interior of Krotter home in Palisade, Nebraska, circa 1915.
Audrey Musick Krotter, the author’s mother.
Audrey Musick Krotter’s first Kansas home as it appeared in 2008.
The "south house" as it appeared in 1978 with its crumbling back steps when we returned to Nebraska to search for the gold and silver.
Sign on the edge of Palisade, Nebraska.
People gathering on Main Street on June 14, 2008, for the annual Palisade Pioneer Days Parade. Author released her memoir at this event.
Palisade, Nebraska, viewed from a nearby hill.
The Bob-Tail Creek valley on our farm just south of Palisade. Author loved to roam along this creek.
Dean Krotter’s library in the "town house."
Dining room of the "town house" as it appeared in 1984.
Author in yard of Estes Park, Colorado, cabin, circa 1960.
Helen Brown with author when I visited her in Lincoln, Nebraska, just before her 91st birthday. Helen was a very close family friend who dusted around all the coins for many years. She is not only a very intelligent person but possesses great commonsense, a quality sometimes lacking in the author’s family. She is one of the nicest people I’ve ever known, as was her husband Clark.
Author's grandmother, Nellie Krotter, with sons Dean and Chauncey, circa 1912.
The F.C. and Nellie Krotter home in Palisade, Nebraska, circa 1980. Referred to as the "town house" in the memoir.
Dean Krotter, the author’s father.
First home in Summerfield, Kansas, of Audrey Musick Krotter, author's mother, circa 1911.
The side yard of the "town house" in the 1930s. The brick garage on the left is where Dean Krotter buried a large wooden box of silver coins in a back room with a dirt floor. In 1979, Wells and Alison Krotter Johnson also discovered a huge packing crate in the front part of the garage that contained little boxes containing a total of 40,000 silver nickels.
My maternal grandparents' house on our farm as it appeared in 1978. We looked here for coins also.
Main Street of Palisade, Nebraska, circa 1980.
Prairie near Palisade, Nebraska.
Canyons near Palisade, Nebraska.
Haystacks near Palisade.
Interior shot of "town house" just before it was sold in 1984. Note the "quarter-sawed" oak woodwork. The people who bought the house from us in the fall of 1984 recently reported to the author that when they bought the house, the fireplace mirror section had been pulled away from the wall. Someone apparently did some treasure hunting between March of 1984, when the author last saw the house and the fall of 1984, when it was sold. The new owners also reported that there had been some extensive digging in the backyard between the time the author last saw the property and the date when they took possession.
Oak staircase in the "town house" as it appeared in 1984.
Family cabin in Estes Park, Colorado.